Solving Marine Challenges

Solving Marine Challenges

What we offer



Turn-key Retrofit and Integration Specialists whether you’re changing sections of an existing system or adding new equipment. Engineering, procurement and installation.
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Marine Electrical Installations

Bluestone offers electrical services globally to vessels and offshore assets while on-voyage or at dock.
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Technical Services

Our team of highly educated and experienced professionals offer key services needed to develop, build, maintain and optimize your vessel throughout its life cycle.
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Offshore Renewables

Bluestone Group has an office dedicated to the wind energy sector, offering blue & white collar workers for the whole turnkey life cycle of shore- based and offshore wind farms.
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Repairs, Maintenance & Life Extensions

With a global network, Bluestone offers repair and maintenance services to any vessel, in any sea. On short notice, with zero off-hire and high cost effectiveness.
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New Building Services

Bluestone Groups has a multinational team of naval architects, engineers, project managers, and site managers with vast experience in new-building projects.
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About us

Bluestone Group is a global provider of marine technical services with vast experience in delivering major upgrade projects, and strong focus on clean and innovative technologies.
Through years of on-field experience we have redefined the art of on-voyage interventions to minimize off-hire and guarantee higher quality standards compared to shipyards.
We are a proactive team of industry professionals with experience in project execution and site management, naval architecture, marine engineering, marine warranty, marine representation, and operations management.
We understand every project process thoroughly and provide whatever level of service required, from delivering multi-layered turn-key solutions to simple onsite assistance or technical advisory.

Our portfolio includes several levels of technical servicing, including engineering, on-site supervision, technical advisory, or repair and maintenance teams.
Bluestone also features a desk dedicated to the Wind Energy sector.

Our Values:
Safety, Quality, Timely Execution, Business Ethic, and Project Optimization.

Our Commitment

Accomplishing challenging projects and meeting deadlines while focusing on safety and quality.

We optimize outcomes with meticulous execution, advanced project management, technical innovation, and top-notch design skills.
We aspire to be the first number to dial when you have a technical problem to deal with.

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