WTG O&M and component exchange

The Bluestone Marine Warranty Surveyors have recently been involved in several O&M campaigns to replace WTG gearboxes and generators. With Bluestone’s combination of naval architecture, marine engineering, and offshore renewable experience, it makes a reliable partner for Offshore Wind Farm installation and maintenance.

Bluestone Marine Warranty Surveyors have been recently involved in multiple O&M campaigns to supervise the replacement of WTG gearboxes and generators.   

As MWS’s on board their duties included:

  • Overseeing, attending and approval of various phases of the projects focusing in particular on safety  
  • Issuing Certificates of Approval for specific project activities like vessel location and lifting operations

All works took place on board special jack-up vessels in different offshore wind farms in the North Sea with a variable duration depending on the number of components to be replaced. 

Surveyors arrived on board via CTV and new gearboxes and generators were already loaded on the vessels by then. 


Their task was to inspect the lifting equipment and working areas, participate to toolbox talks, keep track of all the activities carried out on board, making sure that all safety standards were in place, especially during heavy liftings. 


At completion of installation, a final report has been prepared to include:

  • Certificates of Approval (CoA)
  • Surveyor’s Log
  • Photographs Report
  • Site Documentation (certificates, weather reports, Management of Change)

The combination of naval architecture, marine engineering and offshore renewable know-how makes Bluestone a reliable partner when coordinating the installation and maintenance of Offshore Wind Farms.

WTG O&M and component exchange

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