Sky Princess Scrubber Installation

Bluestone Group proved its ability to solve marine challenges on-board a brand new vessel, installing two EGCS systems on Sky Princess after its delivery to the customer by the shipyard.

Bluestone installed two EGCS systems on board the Sky Princess for the DG#1 and DG#2, and upgraded the two existing ECG systems on DG#3 and DG#4, modifying the drain lines to add the filtration systems. Bluestone also installed the  electrical main switchboard, and pulled and connected all of the electrical and signal system cables.

The first project phase consisted of the ship inspection, the design package, the preparation of the Project Execution Plan, the risk assessment, the material procurement, and the logistic allocation and scheduling of resources.
The first integration phase lasted from October to December 2019 and the second lasted from January to March 2020, in order to allow the operator to maximise revenues during the Christmas holidays. The integration activities included:

Installation and connection of AAQS equipment on DG1 and DG2 Exhaust gas lines:

  • Installation of all associated valves, fittings and ancillaries, including but not limited to the following: Two Seawater pumps, motors and VFDs.
  • Dilution pumps, motors and VFDs.
  • Sea water strainers.
  • Sea water filters.
  • Mixing tubes.
  • Water monitoring equipment and sensors.
  • System control panels and PLC.
  • Wash water filtration systems, including KVP Gas Trap on DG1.


  • All Piping as per Ecospray P&iDs.
  • Demister washing system DG1 and DG2.
  • Exhaust condensate drain lines
  • Exhaust Gas Analyser.
  • Wash water filtration Systems on DG3 & Dg4, including KVP Gas Trap.
  • Emergency Stops and Flooding Sensors for DG 3 & DG 4.
  • Sea Chest Air Vent & BlowDown Lines.
  • Upgrade of Demister Washing System for DG1 & DG2.
  • Pre Commissioning & Commissioning

As part of the contract, Bluestone also installed the ICPO Water Fuel Emulsion Module.
The challenge in this case was the need to intervene on the fuel line to install the necessary bypass and the required valves . A close coordination with the ship’s crew was essential to carry out the job safely and efficiently.

To complete the work in the scheduled time, two teams of 20 workers were formed during the two phases, with project managers and engineers focusing on optimizing their work schedule. Overall, GRE piping systems were installed from deck 1 to deck 14, and more than 15,000 meters of electrical cables were pulled and connected.


Here are the main challenges that the team encountered and overcame during this project:

  • Since the integration spanned several engine room spaces (Aft Engine Casing, Fwd Engine Casing, Incinerator Room, Aft Pump Room, Fwd Pump Room etc.) providing a precise and clear schedule in collaboration with the crew was necessary, in order to allow safe operation of the vessel.
  • Since the vessel mainly called Italian and European ports, strict hot work permit procedures and authorizations were implemented and enforced and it was often necessary to rearrange working hours and shifts.
  • Given the large amount of material needed for the installation, a particular focus was placed on the boarding schedule and on-board storage space occupation, to avoid impacting cruise operations.
  • Since part of the integration was carried out after drydocking, close attention was paid to the cleaning and restoration of all the work areas.
  • The demister installation proved particularly complex since it required the installation of piping inside of the tower, which demanded a high level of coordination with the crew while the vessel was in operation.

Sky Princess Scrubber Installation

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