Quick Repair of damaged GRE piping

Bluestone’s fast and worldwide deployment gives unique advantages to vessel Owners and Operators.

A damage in cargo areas could have costly consequences for vessel owners and/or operators, reducing cargo spaces and increasing safety risks.

Fixing this rapidly is of utmost importance.

When a ferry operator contacted Bluestone after their vessel suffered damage caused by the collision of cargo on the drain line of its scrubber system, the team was alerted and deployed immediately.

Within hours, the team was ready to mobilize with all of the required tools and materials. Logistic support assured compliance with local safety and health requirements to allow for a smooth transfer of materials and manpower to the vessel.

Once on board, the team assessed the damage and immediately began preparing for the repair: scaffolding was installed and the damaged pipe was cut and removed.

Meanwhile, the GRE team was already working on the pre-fabrication of the new piping section to replace the damaged one.

Once the pre-fabrication was complete, the team put the brand new section in place and glued it to the existing line.

Thanks to the key competences of site management as well as the GRE piping and scaffolding deployed for this project, Bluestone’s team was able to complete the repair in less than two working days, solving another marine challenge.

Quick Repair of damaged GRE piping

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