Pacific Explorer Scrubber Installation

4 EGCS systems retrofitted on board a cruise ship during a two-week dry-dock.

What is the Advanced Air Quality System?

Advanced Air Quality Systems have the proven capacity to outperform low-sulphur fuel alternatives such as MGO, providing overall cleaner air emissions in a way that is safe for ocean environments.

Using this system:

  • Removes 99% Sulphur
  • Removes > 50% of particulate matter
  • Reduces 10% of Nitrogen Oxides

The Advanced Air Quality Systems installed on board a cruise ship allow it to comply with the upcoming IMO 2020 global sulphur regulations.

Pacific Explorer AAQSs Project

On board the M/V Pacific Explorer, Bluestone’s team carried out the installation of four AAQSs (1st phase during the ship’s operation and the 2nd during drydock), a preliminary test and assistance during commissioning.

What were the main activities of this project?

  • Removal of incinerator B
  • Access route preparation, interference removal/restoration
  • Sea chest installation including vent and blowdown lines
  • Sea Water Strainers and Manifold installation
  • Installation and connection of all associated valves and fittings for the scrubber systems, four Seawater pumps, four Dilution pumps including motors, four Sea water fine automatic filters and four mixing pipes
  • Water monitoring equipment and sensors
  • System control panels and PLC
  • Wash water filtration system on DG1 and DG4
  • All Piping as per Ecospray P&iDs
  • Demister washing system
  • Exhaust condensate drain line
  • Gas Analyser
  • Installation and connection of one MGPS System and two Water fuel emulsion modules (IPCO)

The main challenges

  • Coordinate with the ship’s personnel to ensure that the ship is always operational and safe
  • Manage logistics
  • Carry out a thorough inspection that allowed for the identification of any interference with the ship’s vital systems

How did the Bluestone team face these challenges? Bluestone Company is made up of a qualified team of technicians who,  prior to starting their work on board, studied the feasibility of the project, carried out a detailed inspection of the premises where the system would be installed, created a full design, and planned the work and logistics (manpower and material). Only after completing all of these steps did they follow through with the installation of the system.

One of the company’s values is to ensure high quality and maintain a ship’s operation during the ongoing work. To achieve its high standards, Bluestone carried out a visual inspection & non-destructive test (NDT) of welding seams on the sea chest and on all critical system components.

Bluestone’s achievements

The brilliant work carried out by the BS team convinced Carnival Corporation to confirm their collaboration once again, by entrusting other projects to the Bluestone team .

Key figures:

  • 4 month installation
  • 3130 project management WH
  • 29328 Manpower WH
  • 600+ meters of GRE pipes
  • 17+ kilometers of electric cables
  • 23 material shipments on board

Pacific Explorer Scrubber Installation

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